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"Zheng Yue Frame Month"


The glorious scenery of the past has become a memory in the minds of a few people. The craftsmanship needs to be inherited, and the memory needs to be collected and cherished repeatedly, so that the memory is no longer just a memory, but a daily life. 4W Studio has a glimpse into the prosperous era of Taichung lacquerware, and explores the complex technology and time accumulation under its gorgeous appearance. The combination of traditional lacquer craftsmanship and the display of modern elements turns the beauty of lacquerware into a collection box. 4W Studio teamed up with Chuan Beimu, Guang Shan Xing and Private House Dessert Studio to create a joint Mid-Autumn Festival gift box of <<Frame Moon>>, which presents the same emotions and stories through different perspectives and different media. This year, let us collect the taste of "reunion" together.


Fritillaria Illustrator creation concept

Phototaxis makes living things habitually look at the light source. On the Mid-Autumn Festival, under the dark night sky, a bright moon sheds silver light, and people also look up and look at this bright guide.


Guangshan Travel creation concept

Use is beauty, use objects to see your heart, combine traditional lacquer craftsmanship with design and modern elements, so that everyone can feel the beauty of lacquerware through use.


Private house dessert studio creation concept

Dessert has no definition, pure love, pure love to eat, conveys travel and life as well as daily life. It is enough to form a reason, this space gives another interpretation and another possibility of life.

"Zheng Yue Frame Moon" Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Box

  • Product Specifications

    Material: imported raw lacquer coating/ wooden tire/ imported art paper/ copper_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_/ shell

    Jinjin studio private chef refined dim sum group:
    Liquor Chestnut Salted Egg Yolk Pound Cake, Salted Egg Yolk Scallion Cheese Cake, Sea Salt Rosemary Cheese Cake, English Shortbread (Original/Jin Xuan), Balsamic Spicy Bacon & Stone Fruits

    Overall packaging: L30×W30×H15cm, lacquer body: L20×W20×H8.5 cm

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