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"Sustainable Project" 2020 Gengzi "Spring Arrival Post"


Collecting a Magnificent in the Warming Generation


"Inverted Spring" is the starting point for SIWEI DESIGN to inherit the tradition; to invert the existing impression of the Spring Festival couplets, to challenge the shaping power of craftsmanship, and to create a sustainable plan for change.


"Spring" - the first of the four seasons, is a new beginning; in order to welcome a beautiful beginning, the custom of posting Spring Festival couplets has naturally formed. The auspicious characters pasted on the door and the wall are the atmosphere of Chinese New Year and festivals, carrying the hope of welcoming the Spring and receiving good fortune; and "Flip" is endowed with the profound hope of "Spring arrives, blessings arrive, and fortunes arrive". Spring arrives and posts are born from here; from the beginning, look for the original memory and skills, transform the old impressions, and transform the short time point into a longer and farther existence.


"Inverted Spring Spring Arrival Post" is made of highly sculptural and wear-resistant metal materials, breaking through the usual paper format, breaking away from the existing imaginary frame, and working with Taiwanese art creators - Chuan Beimu and HUYU The joint name, with the unique characteristics of metal, changes with different light and shadow fields, changing the rich brilliance texture, highlighting the story conveyed in the creator's picture; the outer box has a practical plan for aesthetic collection and sharing, and is uniquely stored in the display. One-piece design, so that the spring post will not be sealed with a beautiful meaning due to time. While practicing the sustainable plan, creation and change have added value to the collection, and made its blessings contain eternal inheritance, so that the unique metal texture of "Inverted Spring" will warm up the generations and inject a message that you want to keep for a long time. The coolness also makes the spring posts with cultural value bloom the art of taste of personal life.



Sichuan Fritillaria

Illustrator creation concept

"Rats" remind me of the burrows they dig, a place to protect myself and my family. The whole design is based on the idea of "cave": mice of all shapes, races and genders gather together, symbolizing acceptance of each other and respect for the differences of each individual. The cave itself is also shaped like a giant rat, a metaphorical-spiritual guardian.


Illustrator creation concept

Spring is the season when all things wake up. As the flowers bloom, the mice stretch out their hibernated bodies and gradually open their eyes.

Half of the body grows along the tree, conveying the image of prosperity; the moon held in the hand represents the reunion of the full moon; the peony on the head symbolizes wealth and auspiciousness.


The color matching is based on the festive colors common in Taiwan; the white conversion generally not only reflects the gray and dirty image of the mouse, but also strengthens the purity and rebirth of the new year starting from "white paper".

《Sustainable Project》2020 庚子「春到帖」

  • Product Specifications

    Material: art paper, aluminum, iron, copper

    Gift box outer box: L28.5×W17×H1.5cm, spring arrival post: L11×W11 cm

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