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In a square box, it belongs to everyone's survival path.

A scene full of unknown mysteries attracts our curiosity, fear and excitement, walks into the kaleidoscopic world with courage, disguises, defends, and actively shows determination with our own perseverance.


"ONECUBE",Four-dimensional SIWEI DESIGN jointJewelry Box JEWEL BOX and illustratorSichuan Fritillaria, with "rat" as the creative theme, to explore its mysterious but active, strong survival ability for oneself and the next generation. There is no excessive processing and decoration, and the purest natural element luster is displayed through gold and silver materials; each individual is formed by the accumulation of different emotions. Structure; pick up leaves, branches, interspersed, simple camouflage and self-defense.


2020At the beginning of 2009, a virus challenged human beings all over the world and Taiwan. It once caused panic and confrontation, but I am very fortunate that Taiwan's solid professionalism and tolerant democratic qualities have allowed us to continue to walk smoothly in the face of threats. Four-dimensional design is not a medical or related system, but in the face of fear that is invisible to the naked eye, it is full of cautious social atmosphere, and empathizes with it; this work has been produced by many creators for many months. The concept conveys "unity," "defense," and "determination." With the power of our own, I only express my deep gratitude and admiration for the professions in various fields; I also look forward to the continuous ferment of this power of unity and face this common problem together. Enemies, go through together to meet a better society.

"ONECUBE" cross-border joint art jewelry

  • Product Specifications

    Material: imported art paper, silver, aluminum alloy

    Overall packaging: L6.7×W4.8×H9.5cm, jewelry body: H3×W2.5 cm 70g

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