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2022"One Trip – The Art of Hu Yue Nian Cross-border Red Envelope"


2022 Ren Yinnian, embodies a different beginning, silent for a period of time, squatting low is just to let us settle down, in order to make a hard jump; when the time is up, use the strength of the whole body to make a hard jump. Gain a short-lived but successful force against gravity, the moment away from the center of the earth, I believe it will be glittering, and greet every next moment with a smile on your face!


"One Tie" is 4W STUDIO's creative carrier with red envelopes. Artists and creators are invited to embody art and aesthetics in customs and culture, and use their own thoughts on the taste of the new year into the image of each line of ties. The spark of cross-border creation, injecting innovative design, blooming aesthetics, embellishing tradition, and re-rendering the temperature of red envelopes with simple blessings.

Say goodbye to the year of silence, at the beginning of the new year, use the energy accumulated in the last year to leap forward and fight against the gravity of the moment, you will feel relaxed and happy! 2022 is the year of Renyin, the year of the stumbling amber, and bravely jump out of the new horizon with us. The new year uses a patchwork image like a tiger, jumping out of the ring frame, and using perceptual and rational vision to show that we will foresee a new height of thinking and turn over a new situation. Condensing the essence of traditional culture and the visual vocabulary of the times, it is our perfect work, reflecting every best blessing in the Spring Festival through a frame of pictures.
Dedicated to us who are about to bid farewell to silence and strive to make a leap, and also to the families around us.


In prying memory, every facet tells the creative story of every artist —————————


Muran Muran
A print artist, who uses woodcut prints to create elegant pictures using steady knife techniques. Whether it is a single-version engraved color work, or a pure black and white watermark work, it is full of stories and meaningful scenes, and plants and animals have expressions and emotions in the creation. The real core is the profound experience and dedication to painting, as well as the observation and management of the taste of life.


Huang Po Hsun

Acrylic composite media artist, delicate and vivid color stacking, smudges different levels, both abstract and figurative fusion, often can feel the bright drifting feeling, the silent loneliness and the unspeakable uncertainty in the paintings sex, as well as gorgeous color and oriental humanistic spirit.


Hsu Yo Sin

A new generation of glue-paint artists, "I love the traces left by each layer of glue-paint", painting with delicate brushstrokes and warm tones. The multi-layered use of superimposed colors, smudges and imagery conveys a dream-like atmosphere. Every depiction, every overlay, and after every creative process, creates a picture full of stories, giving viewers Healing feelings.

2022 "One Trip – Amber Year" Art Red Packet Collection Group

  • Gift box outer box: L21×W13×H1.5cm, display type: L61.5×H27 cm

    Red Packet: L17.5×H9 cm (six types in)

    Each set is shipped randomly with a version number, limited to 200 sets.


    ※All products use Japanese NT Rasha art paper / British Keaykolour art paper

    ※More than 30 processes, high-quality printing and processing

  • Orders are placed between 1/7(Fri) - 1/16(Sun), and the shipment will be completed in mid-January.
    Subsequent orders will be shipped by the end of January.

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