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"Sustainable Project" 2021 Xin Chou "Spring Arrival Post"


Collecting one side is magnificent in the warming generation;
Find a party to be active in the silent age.


2022Let us release the silence and stillness of last year, step out of the influence and limitation of the environment, let go and hold the sky that belongs to us! "Inverted Spring" is the starting point for 4W STUDIO to carry forward its traditions. Based on the spring posts that carry people's expectations and blessings during the Spring Festival as the basis of the project, it returns and gives innovative forms.Elephant; Ren YinIn this year, let's let go from the static beginning and regain the original intention that is ready to go.


2022Ren Yinnian's "Inverted Spring Spring Arrival Post" regained the original intention of this year, and joined hands with Taiwanese art creators - Chuan Beimu and Corter to create a new look for the new year through illustrations and the natural brilliance of metal and expectations. The design plan maintains a practical and considerate display function, returns to a simple and generous vision, and brings the overall focus back to the blessing of the New Year; aesthetics, functions, and experience gather together, quiet and with its own personality and stubborn persistence uneasy about the current situation. Spring posts are sealed in different times, but the same beautiful meaning is also stationed in our vision for design and life.


Fritillaria Illustrator creation concept

In the Year of the Tiger, let us continue to maintain the cat's curiosity about all things in the world; trust the innate animal intuition, don't blindly follow, don't be reluctant, and find your own life context in life.

Corter Illustrator creation concept

The epidemic has affected our lives unknowingly, and it has been almost two years in the blink of an eye. After going through the panic-stricken 2020 to the slightly stable 2021, facing the approaching 2022, I always hope that the future we will face will be full of light and beauty. In the dictionary, "Tigers and Tigers" describe a majestic, mighty, imposing appearance; through conceptual image creation, we look forward to the new year for everyone, regardless of character, fortune or health.

2022 Ren Yin "Spring Arrival" - CROTER

  • Product Specifications

    Material: art paper, aluminum, iron, copper

    Gift box outer box: L28.5×W17×H1.5cm,
    Spring arrival: L11×W11 cm
    Emblem: L2.5×W2.5cm

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