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"Sustainable Project" 2021 Xin Chou "Spring Arrival Post"


Collecting one side is magnificent in the warming generation;

Looking for a side of simplicity in the prosperous era.



"Spring" - The first of the four seasons is a new beginning and the origin of all things prosperous; in 2021, we have been pursuing and welcoming a beautiful beginning, but looking back on everything prosperous, it began with a simple and unpretentious effort, The current state or result is the accumulation of one process. "Inverted Spring" is the starting point of 4W STUDIO's exploration of traditions, and the plan is based on the spring posts that carry people's expectations and blessings during the Spring Festival. The project is in its third year, and we are still inverting the established impression and creation of the Spring Festival couplets. The new image, Xin Chou Nian, starts from the memory of the beginning, looking for the root of simplicity in the agricultural society. With this as the foundation, there will be more abundant subsequent achievements.


2021Xin Chou's "Inverted Spring Post" explores the imagination that belongs to 2021, and joins hands with Taiwanese art creators - Chuan Beimu and Shi Zhenying. Through the illustrations and the natural brilliance of metal, the background of the story is pulled back Nature, the environment and human beings construct different expectations for the new year. The whole box uses recycled certified paper, which symbolizes and pays tribute to the sweat and simple efforts of the old times; and uses simple and straightforward colors to express breakthroughs, but also implies the prosperity of creation and accumulation in simplicity. Spring posts, at different times, have sealed the same beautiful meaning.


Fritillaria Illustrator creation concept

"Cow and rice" as the main styling idea. The cow holds the rice in an anthropomorphic way, and is covered with symbols of natural vocabulary: grass and insects, mountains and birds, symbolizing a concept born from the land. This time, the way of expression is different from the past, focusing more on the expression of lines and symbols, hoping to present an ancient and lovely feeling of god.

Shi ZhenyingIllustrator creation concept

The New Year of Xin Chou is a year for us to turn things around and usher in a new world. After a catastrophe, human beings began to move towards a new symbiotic relationship, not only between countries, between people, but also between animals, plants, and viruses. How to maintain balance and create an environment for co-prosperity and symbiosis is bound to become one of the important issues for human beings.

Just like the cattle egrets prey on insects around the buffalo in nature, and the buffalo relies on the cattle egret to drive off the bugs on their bodies, we hope that we can treat all things kindly and develop a symbiotic relationship with nature of "Hello, I am also good" , leading to a sustainable and peaceful life.

2021 Xin Chou "Spring Is Here" - Shi Zhenying

  • Product Specifications

    Material: art paper, aluminum, iron, copper

    Gift box outer box: L28.5×W17×H1.5cm,
    Spring arrival: L11×W11 cm
    Emblem: L2.5×W2.5cm

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