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"One Trip" is 4W STUDIO's plan to pursue the warm memory in the bondage; 2021 Xin Chou year, continue the story of the "One Trip" joint project, inviting artists and creators to use red envelopes as a carrier to embody art and aesthetics in custom culture In between, we will use the original fundamentals to describe the pictures that tie each line together, and use the sparks of cross-border creation to inject innovative designs, blooming aesthetics, embellishing traditions, and re-rendering the temperature of red envelopes with simple blessings.


Day after day, year after year, a hard year has passed, and what follows is a new beginning and a challenge full of unknowns. We always maintain our essence, continue to explore the pace of life and survival, work hard in our own place, and look forward to harvesting joys and sorrows and happiness again and again. Hard work is nothing more than that; satisfaction is so simple.

Condensing the essence of traditional culture and the presentation of modern art, it is a collection of perfection, reflecting every most beautiful time in the Spring Festival through a frame; To us who are quietly working hard for life, and also to the family members around us.

In prying memory, every facet tells the creative story of every artist————


Luo Jie

1991Born in Taoyuan,doThe style is childlike and sweet, with the creative mission of healing people's hearts, providing viewers with a utopian world full of fantasy, as if even when the world is tilted, they can walk in a balanced and comfortable way in the sweet country built by colors. Colorful tones, soft fabrics, and delicate needlework sew works like a dream diary. If you don’t pay attention, you will fall into that psychedelic country, wander and intoxicate in it, and after replenishing your vitality, prepare for the next game full of energy travel.


Huang Zhizheng

1988Born in Miaoli, Taiwan, in 2008, he is deeply attracted by the duality of foil material, which is both fragile and rigid. His works focus on the formation of phenomena and deduce them through personal experience. The boundaries of all things are always ambiguous, people who will never see each other can meet again in memory at any time, and unrelated things can be connected through whimsy; therefore, "creation" is to create a little turbulence in people's accustomed lives. In the unchanging ordinary days, it implies the possibility of the existence of another perceptual world.

Hong Minyu

1989Born in Kaohsiung in 2009, he graduated from the Institute of Ink Painting, Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University; he is currently a full-time artist and a part-time lecturer at the university. The creative medium is mainly glue color, through the outline of ink lines and delicate coloring, it shows the luster like gems and the unique and charming temperament of the East. Through the experience in life, I like to imagine strange and playful images. With the glue color technique, every creation process is a kind of self-healing performance, and also describes the appearance of personal life growth.

2021《一絆 – 本辛年》數位版畫限定典藏組

  • Product Size

    Gift box outer box: L24×W16×H4 cm, display rack type: L24×16×H17 cm

    Red Packet: L17.5×H9 cm (six types in)

    There are 20 editions of one work, 60 sets of three works in total, each set is accompanied by the artist's signature and edition number, and the edition number will be shipped randomly.


    ※All products use Japanese NT Rasha art paper / British Alchemy alchemy paper

    ※High-quality printing and processing with more than 30 processes

  • Bid orders are placed between 1/8-1/15, and the shipment will be completed in mid-January.
    Subsequent orders will be shipped by the end of January.

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