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※All products use Japanese NTRasha high-weight art paper

※Exquisite printing and processing with more than 30 processes

※The product is a twelve-year zodiac collection plan, and this year is the first year of the beginning


2020The year of Gengzi is the first year of the joint project, and the new beginning also brings new expectations for the future. Siwei SIWEI DESIGN invites artists and creators to use red envelopes as a carrier to embody art and aesthetics between customs and cultures. Together, they use the original fundamentals to describe the pictures of each line of ties, and use the sparks of cross-border creation to inject innovative designs. Blooming aesthetics, embellishing tradition, and re-rendering the temperature of red envelopes with simple blessings.


Diligently exploring the various aspects of life is bittersweet, but when you go out, you know how warm and cold you are, and only when you go home during the New Year will you understand your family's intimate feelings. In the family, the ties that are in the same line exist in the silent atmosphere; the intimate and considerate of keeping a pair of bowls and chopsticks on the dinner table, the intimate greetings of a dish, and the thanks and blessings of a red envelope. The overflowing warmth makes the busy heart have a place to stop, and these constant feelings that exist in the heart are the most profound ties of "home". Condensing the essence of traditional culture and the presentation of modern art, it is a collection of perfection, reflecting every most beautiful time in the Spring Festival through a frame; We are diligently dedicated to our dearest family members.


Explore every red envelope and tell the story of every artist's creation through the picture————


Zeng Ziting

1982annualborn inTaipei. Since childhood, he has been a child who can study and like to draw, and has a willful personality. Willfully enrolled in the art department, became a teacher and resigned from work willfully. A full-time artist; now, living in Taichung with two cats and two dogs.


Yang Zhenhua

1980Born in Taichung in 2009, he has won the first prize of the Dadun Award and the Taoyuan Award. Taking life collection objects as the theme and paper gravure prints as the main creative medium, he depicts the unique posture and temperament of the objects. Through the techniques of tearing, pasting, engraving, and scribing during plate making, the texture is interesting and full of changes, and there are condensed knife marks in the freehand brushwork, showing the unique charm of published paintings.


Li Pingyi

1985Born in Hualien in 2009, he graduated from the Printmaking Group of the Institute of Fine Arts Creation, National Taipei University of the Arts. The creative journey starts at home, and uses mimeographed single-print engraving as the main creative method, recording the life stories of large and small in personal life. The style of the works is delicate and the colors are warm and changeable.

《〈ban〉一絆 - 孜心年》 藝術跨界紅包收藏組

  • Gift box outer box: L21×W13×H1.5cm, display type: L61.5×H27 cm

    Red Packet: L17.5×H9 cm (six types in)

    Each set comes with a version number and is shipped randomly, limited to 300 sets in the first year

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